Will you marry a Non Virgin girl ? 

In this new  dawn of an exuberant evolving  society  where  a guy wishes to lose  his virginity before he attains the age of 18, does it by any means sound fair or rational to expect a bride  to be a Virgin when he marries her at the age of 28 ?   
I would say   intellect,  personality, attitude  are way more decisive factors to judge someone’s  character and virginity shouldn’t be used as a basis to determines one’s perception of somebody. 

Maybe she loved someone too much and was used and cheated on,  maybe she was raped,  maybe she was forced into circumstances that were unforseen. 

Its time to debunk the age old myth that Non-Virgin girls  are impure and adulterated. Yes , I would marry such a girl,  as far as I am concerned I don’t have any problems in accepting a girl who has had sex with someone ; limiting my wishful perceptions only on the basis  of some one not being a Virgin is certainly and definitely obnoxious.

Moreover,  it would be a grateful opportunity that I would gladly accept , if It means I would end up  giving a new lease of life to someone  who has gone through  hell and back and suffered in the ravages of the deep dark dismal abyss. 
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5 thoughts on “Will you marry a Non Virgin girl ? 

  1. I love it. The way you wrote it as well as the topic on which you wrote. It is such a necessity to just come out of all the age old thoughts and beliefs and the so called “traditional values”.

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